Bulletproof Charge

More than a regular HIIT program.


Bulletproof Charge is a minimal-equipment training program for busy people to build an athletic body with great muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Beyond that, Charge also emphasises on mobility and technique development for longevity. 


The workouts are designed to boost your fitness, mood as well as productivity in life, hence the name 'Charge'. 

Bulletproof Charge group classes are conducted at SMU Campus Green in the heart of Singapore where our community gathers for the fun workouts and our coach ensures effective learning and movement quality.

Living outside of Singapore or travel frequently?

No problem!

Bulletproof Charge workouts are designed to be done anytime, anywhere - be it on a beach in Bali, hotel in Copenhagen or even at your home and office.

The workouts can be done with just one's bodyweight, or with basic dumbbells and resistance bands.

Ready to power up your body, fitness and productivity?

Charge Up.

Minimal-equipment programming with 4 weekly functional training workouts - requiring only 15min to start.

Bodyweight or dumbbell/resistance band options 

so you can do them anytime, anywhere.

Exclusive Facebook support group & tutorial videos

All you need is 15 minutes.

Crush any excuses, crush your goals.

Build a body and life that you're proud of.

Choose your plan.






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