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The fitness industry is saturated, but people are underserved. What's going on?

The faultline: many gyms and trainers under-serve their members by giving them all one-size-fits-all (workout and package) plans and overcrowded group classes. This is especially prevalent amongst franchises and chains.

Why? It's profitable and convenient. It's easy to use one standardized workout across the gyms and hire 'trainers' for their looks and personality. Most skimp by the need for knowledge and understanding of the intent behind workouts or the skill to scale and augment workouts for the clients.  - resulting in a wave of substandard gyms and group classes.


Clients are disenchanted. They are not seeing more results after those '6-week challenges' and are often unsure about their quality of movement in those classes of 20-30 with only 1 coach. They deserve better.


There aren't any shortage of cheap gyms (none of us should be making decisions based on price alone) but decent personal training sessions cost upward of $150-200/hour and may not be financially sustainable for all.

That's why we launched the Bulletproof movement - to professionalize fitness - and also developed the following Bulletproof plans. Our intent is not to minimize the cost, but to maximize value with top-notch programs that are customized to your needs and sustainable in the long-run. They encompass the best elements of group training and personal training. Give it a shot and you'll fall in love with it.








Conditioning & Body Recomposition

Train 3x/week

8 Charge Classes + 

4 Squad Training/Month

Starting at $41/session

Muscle Gain & Athletic Performance

Train 4x/week

12 Squad Training +

4 Charge Classes/Month 

Starting at $81/session

High Performance & Recovery


Train 3x/week

8 Squad Training +

4 1-on-1 Training/Month 

Starting at $98/session

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30-day bulletproof membership


membership includes:

  • Private Evaluation

  • Bulletproof Fundamentals Workshop

  • 4 Bulletproof Squad Training

  • 8 Bulletproof Charge Classes

In 30 days,

  • Learn about your body like never before,

  • Develop an incredible fitness base and

  • Build up effective habits for long-term success.

intro price: $299.00

Original Price: $899.00

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The Bulletproof Blueprint

Like most high performers out there, you struggle to balance between your career with your fitness goals. Bulletproof Blueprint delivered personalized training sessions guided by Daniel, one of the most demanded professional coaches in Singapore. Under his guidance, you can achieve your fitness goals.

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