Frequently Asked Questions

Are there monthly plans for the Bulletproof Packages or Squad, Personal and Rehabilitation Training?

No. We offer a minimum of quarterly plans for personalized training plans as our coaches invest significant time and effort to assess your needs and to formulate a personalized training plan for you. Moreover, time is needed to build lasting habits for your health and fitness, especially for rehabilitation training.

Do I need to coordinate my timing with the rest of the people in the Squad Classes?

No, it's not necessary. 

Can I drop in just to try a class?

Absolutely. Simply purchase a slot on the booking page without buying any plans.

Do you have class pack options? 

We recommend monthly plans purchasing class packs because regularity is how we build longevity in fitness. Regardless, class pack membership can be found here.

Are the plans shareable? How do I bring guests?

Yes, plans are shareable with your new guests. Guests may use your credits to book their first 2 sessions using the special code that was given upon sign up.  

Can I bring my credits over to the next month? 

It depends on the membership plan that you are on. Your credits will be available throughout the billing period that you are on. For example, if you are on the quarterly plan, leftover credits from your first month can still be used in your second and third month.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us and send us a message.

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Like most high performers out there, you struggle to balance between your career with your fitness goals. Bulletproof Blueprint delivered personalized training sessions guided by Daniel, one of the most demanded professional coaches in Singapore. Under his guidance, you can achieve your fitness goals.

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