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Why Personal Training?

The short answer: We care.

The long answer: Every individual is unique with different goals, lifestyle and physiology. A personalized approach allows us to achieve the greatest efficacy and safety, and make continuing progress.


Just as "the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind," we believe that all individuals require personal training and assessment periodically to ensure safe training, effective results and longevity.

Are you ready to get stronger, look better, stay out of pain and #BeBulletproof?

A Coach for Life

At Bulletproof, we believe that every individual (and that includes you, whom are reading this) has unlimited potential and deserves the best.


Effective, Fulfilling Training

We love training, and we love for you to feel the same.

We aim to (1) deliver the most effective training to crush your goals with safety and efficacy, and (2) create the best hour of your day with you -  be it to kickstart your body for a productive day ahead, to destress through enjoyable or to get strong like a badass.

Let's Raise the Standards

Our coaches invest extensively in continuous education and to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective training.


The Bulletproof Blueprint ​provides personal training and rehabilitative training in Singapore.


We closely with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and other professionals (and can work with your existing healthcare provider) to provide the best training protocol for you.

Complimentary coffee and towels are provided.

Shower and changing room available as well.

Core Collective Anson

79 Anson Road, #21-01, #22-01, 

Singapore 079906

Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (Exit H), 3-5min Walk

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Individual program design

We understand that personal training may not be accessible for everyone or affordable in the long-run, hence we write Individual Program Design for athletes who have move reasonably well and have the competency to follow a written online program.

Many of our athletes make tremendous progress and move on to using a blend of Individual Program Design with periodic personal training sessions for movement assessment and technique consultation.

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79 Anson Road, Core Collective

     #21/22-01, Singapore 079906

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The Bulletproof Blueprint

Like most high performers out there, you struggle to balance between your career with your fitness goals. Bulletproof Blueprint delivered personalized training sessions guided by Daniel, one of the most demanded professional coaches in Singapore. Under his guidance, you can achieve your fitness goals.

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