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In this 40 Mins Masterclass, you will learn the Powerful & Intelligent Smart Eating Habits to:

  1. Eat in an enjoyable and sustainable manner

  2. Shed off stubborn fat for good 

  3. Build the physique that you want 

  4. Discover higher energy and mental clarity 

  5. Be more resilient to and recover faster from injuries 

  6. NEVER FAIL in trying to diet ever again

  7. Apply Smart Eating when eating out

  8. Track and manage calories easily

  9. Incorporate cheat meals/social meals to improve your progress

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The Bulletproof Blueprint

Like most high performers out there, you struggle to balance between your career with your fitness goals. Bulletproof Blueprint delivered personalized training sessions guided by Daniel, one of the most demanded professional coaches in Singapore. Under his guidance, you can achieve your fitness goals.

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